Representation Services

An on the spot presence with experienced professional personnel is the most effective and efficient way to develop businesses and projects.

Our Indonesian Representation Services aim to provide non-Indonesian companies instantly with an effective, efficient and productive Indonesian operations without the usual time consuming preparatory works and high start-up costs. With our services, foreign companies will be able to start its Indonesian operations immediately and avoid those time-consuming preparatory works and high start-up investments and expenses.

Clients can opt for part or all of the following representation services:

  • Representation, administrative & operational support; serving as your Representative in Indonesia
  • Business Development, Marketing & Sales activities for and on your behalf
  • Act as your Indonesian Project Sales Manager
  • Project Development & Project Management activities for and on your behalf
  • Procurement activities for and on your behalf
  • Signing agreements for and on your behalf
  • Search & selection of Indonesian business partners
  • Collecting payments for and on your behalf
  • Selling your Indonesian business
  • Acquisition of  Indonesian Companes
  • Providing of part-time or full-time personnel for your Indonesian activities
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